The Rules of Colour


  • Lighter colours make a space appear larger.
  • Darker colours add warmth and hide dirt well.
  • Neutral colours allow you to change your accessories

But if you love a trendy colour, go for it! Just keep in mind it will be with you a long time.

While some tiles look almost identical from piece to piece, many will have colour and shade variations to give the overall look more depth and character. Both manmade tiles as well as natural stone will vary each time they are produced or quarried.

If you require a specific shade, we recommend viewing multiple pieces of the current shade lot. Especially when dealing with natural stone, tiles will vary so it’s always a good idea to see a couple of pieces.
Any questions or concerns about your tile selection should be clarified prior to installation. For more information, please call us now on 0423 537 311 or email us at

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